Ugolicious – Our Story

GreekGodOnce upon a time, in Ancient Greece, the Greek gods lived happily ruling around the mortals. They used to enjoy their favorite meals with Nectar and Ambrosia which, as known, made them immortal and powerful over humans. However, consuming these from eternity, made it a little bit boring. Zeus was fed up and the rest of the Gods were trying to find a solution.

Then one day, Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, run to Zeus. He said ” Oh Zeus, I bear good news for you! Odysseus, the decent and humble man who has been traveling through stormy seas and blizzards, through impossible conditions, monsters and beasts, has finally arrived home and he has brought something with him!”

“And what may that be!” Bring him over immediately” he frowned. So, Hermes, quickly called for Odysseus and he brought him to the presence of Zeus.

Odysseus then kneeled down and presented him with a cup of frozen yogurt. “It is made with pure Greek yogurt, my Lord” he said, “and is tastier than any Nectar you have tried and healthier than any Ambrosia you have consumed”. Zeus, very hesitant, put a spoonful in his mouth and after few seconds, his mighty frown turned into a blissful smile and he exclaimed: ” This yogurt is delicious! it is Ugolicious!”

And so, the Gods, from that day on, replaced Nectar and Ambrosia with their favorite Greek frozen yogurt, and they lived happily ever after!

We don’t expect you to believe the above story, obviously, but why not visit today one of our stores, and enjoy your favorite heavenly flavors and the amazing variety of our toppings and decide for yourself if it is fit for a gods’ taste buds!!! The key to the flavor magic is the base yogurt made exclusively with Greek-style yogurt. Gluten-free, rich in calcium, protein and probiotics, Ugolicious has a frozen yogurt/gelato dessert to suit everybody

Since 2013, Ugolicious has expanded from its mother country, Greece, to several other countries such as  Cyprus, France, Australia & Dominican Republic, with the vision of offering people a healthier alternative when it comes down to a sweet treat. The co-founder of Ugolicious, and now the international franchisor of Ugolicious Frozen Yogurt/Gelato,  has a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Power Engineering from University of Western Australia, and has worked for more than 15 years for large and successful engineering companies. Since 2013 he saw the promise in Ugolicious and has worked towards its expansion and improvement of its products.